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    Biodegradable Straws and Utensils

Biodegradable Single-Use Plastics

Avolutions is dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of biodegradable single-use plastics.

Our goal is to provide the most up to date and cutting-edge technology to make a positive impact on the environment effectively. Our line of biodegradable plastics does not require a drastic change in human behavior. Even if our products are not carefully disposed of, they will still biodegrade within a reasonable amount of time, thus keeping our landfills from growing and our oceans from accumulating more garbage.

These are our certifications:

Our Materials


Our agave product line utilizes resin from the leftover agave plant to create fully biodegradable agave-based straws.

Our Products

Made from renewable Agave sources! We use tons of agro-waste a day for our bioplastics.

About Avolutions

We are dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of biodegradable single-use plastics. Founded in 2019, Avolutions seeks to fulfill the necessity of the market of worldwide regulation changes and to become a major player in this growing industry. While crafting our rigorous and reliable operations methods, our focus remains on delivering the best possible service to our clients with consistency in our products' quality. International biodegradable norms have certified this standard of formulations. (ASTM 5511 / ISO 15985) T

Think about it...

What was once considered agro-industrial waste is now making huge breakthroughs for the plastic solution. We are now manufacturing biodegradable plastic and have discovered a new renewable source.

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